I am behind on my N.D. Wilson.I’m actually two and a half books behind. I have been reading Death By Living on and off but haven’t finished. I want to read the Empire of Bones (Ashtown Burials #3) and now have to add the latest to the list: Boys of Blur.

On the off-chance that someone might leave a comment around here once in a while, let me pose this question to the peanut gallery: Do you prefer the podcasts be posted in the traditional format (a la Olen Steinhauer) or in the audio post format (a la Joseph Bottum)?

With the audio format readers on the front page can listen to the audio without having to click. But there is not title to introduce the post.  Any strong opinions on this out there?

A Conversation with Olen Steinhauer – Part Two

Olen Steinhauer

In the second part of our conversation Olen Steinhauer and I discuss the life of an expatriate and its impact on your perspective toward your own and other cultures, the future of publishing, and his plans for the future, among other things. Read More →

A Conversation with Olen Steinhauer – Part One

Oeln Steinhauer

A conversation with Olen Steinhauer in which we discuss his latest book, the risk of bringing current events into a novel, the magic of fiction, his approach to writing, plot and character development, and more. Read More →

Joseph Bottum and America’s Anxious Age – Part 2


In the second part of my conversation with Joseph Bottum about his book An Anxious Age we focus on the future. If Bottum’s description of American history is right and his understanding of where we are and why is on target, what now? Read More →

Joseph Bottum and America’s Anxious Age – Part 1


Part one of a conversation with Joseph Bottum, author of An Anxious Age: The Post-Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of America, about American Religious History and its impact today on our culture, politics and public life. Read More →

Writer’s Block, Book Burnout and Podcasts


I periodically get in funks where nothing quite seems to “work” for me and I find myself reading three or four books at one time looking for something that will connect or get the juices flowing again; something that compels me to write because I want to get my opinion down rather than writing because I haven’t written anything here for awhile. Read More →

Carl Hoffman talks about Savage Harvest at Evenings with Authors Event


I was prepared for a somewhat brief introduction of the book and what led to its being written followed by a reading. But instead what Hoffman presented was more of a an audio/visual report on the work that led to the book and why he wrote it the way he did. Read More →