2007 Edgar Award Nominees

Sarah has the details on the 2007 Edgar Award Nominees. I wanted to point out that one of my favorite authors (and bloggers), Olen Steinhauer, is on the list. I am glad to see a book, Liberation Movements, that was probably my favorite fiction book of the year get some formal recognition. This may come as a shock, but a favorable review in this blog won’t get you a whole lot in the real world. A recognition like this goes a bit further.

Congrats to Olen, and to everyone else on the list, on the nomination.

2 Comments 2007 Edgar Award Nominees

  1. Olen Steinhauer

    But on the other hand, perhaps the Collected Miscellany review convinced an Edgar judge to take the book more seriously. And thus, I owe any and all future successes to you, Kevin. Sound good?

    Anyway, as always, thanks.


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