Columbus Dispatch Online Book Club

A while back I mentioned that The Columbus Dispatch was ramping up its online book coverage with a blog by book critic Bill Eichenberger and an online book club.

I have to say the blog is a bit lame so far. The irritating way the Dispatch blogs are embedded into the pages so that you have to scroll both the page and the blog is annoying. Eichenberger doesn’t post very often and when he does the posts rarely contain any particular insight let alone interesting information from a long time book critic. Frank Wilson he is not.

The book club is just getting started so we will have to see how it turns out. Today they had a chat for their first selection, Harlen Coben’s The Woods, which included discussion with Eichenberger and live chat with Coben.

Not sure what this all means in the grand scheme of things, but the Dispatch seems to be reaching out to book readers – may be not literary types, but readers.

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