Confessions of a failed blogger

When I first started Collected Miscellany I had such high hopes.  I envisioned it as a sort of online magazine with News, Views, Reviews, and Interviews covering the wide world of books and culture.  At times I feel like I came close to that ideal, but for the most part it has turned out to be just another book blog.

Now, it is barely that.

For a variety of reasons I am just not able to blog consistently, and intelligently, about books like I had hoped.  Lately, I am lucky to get two or three posts up a week and almost everything has come down to “I read this book here was my reaction.”  I will admit that on occasion I think my reviews are useful and/or interesting, and I think my short Q&As are worth reading, but I have a hard time finding the time and focus to write about the books I read.  I still read quite a bit, it is the writing I have trouble with these days.

So what to do?  Heck if I know.  I thought about adding some co-bloggers but that has never really worked out for me long term.  If people have the talent, time, and willingness to blog they can start their own and get all the credit without having to share someone else’s site.  It isn’t like the couple hundred visits a day constitute a big audience to attract writers.

I have thought about seeking to join another site or blog so that when I do post on books I have a larger audience and I don’t feel the pressure to carry a blog all on my own.  But that involves work as well.  What blog to join and who would have me?  Would I still post those entries here or just at the new place?  This seems like more work.

I am indecisive.  So let me throw it out there to the last few remaining readers I have.  Any of you who read this site intentionally, and don’t just surf in here from Google or other search engines, what do you think I should do?  Is it worth having a site that posts a couple of book reviews a week of varying quality and depth; that offers author Q&As when and if it strikes my fancy?  When does a blog cease to work?  Does it matter who reads and why?  Why have people stopped leaving comments around here?

Knowing myself, it is likely that this blog will simply struggle on until either things change and I can post more regularly or quit worrying about it.  But any and all feedback is appreciated.

UPDATE: Thanks for the emails.  I thought I had opened up comments but it appears you had to be registered to comment.  That has been fixed so feel free to leave a comment.  You don’t have to have a MT passoword or anything now.


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