October 2008

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Christmas in October

Guess what I just got in the mail?  Only the hot new book from one of my favorite authors – due for release in March. There are some benefits to this book blog.

Added to wish list: secret library

I am so jealous: via: YA Book Nerd

Anne Rice on Called Out of Darkness

John J. Miller has a new Between the Covers podcast up.  This one is with Anne Rice: . . . on her new memoir about returning to the Catholic Church after many years away from it. This is an important public conversation—first and foremost, it’s an embrace of faith and a rejection of atheism. From looking through her book, it’s clear that Rice has some liberal theological views (ordination of women, for instance), but this Read More →

Corduroy Mansions

Just found out about this interesting literary experiment: Alexander McCall Smith is writing his first ever online novel Corduroy Mansions exclusively for Telegraph.co.uk. A new chapter will appear on this page each weekday for the next 20 weeks. The best-selling author welcomes your suggestions as the story unfolds. You can read or listen to the serialized novel online as well as via email and RSS feed.  You can also get updates through Twitter. Seems like Read More →

World War II Japanese Tank Tactics by Gordon L. Rottman and Akira

World War II Japanese Tank Tactics by Gordon L. Rottman and Akira Takizawa is another booklet in Osprey’s “Elite” series, which explores the history of military forces, artifacts, personalities, and techniques of warfare.  The book is 63 pages, including a few pages of additional commentary at the back of the book. The book is divided into the following parts: Introduction (covering the creation of the first armored unit in the Imperial Japanese Army in 1934 Read More →

War As They Knew It: Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler, and America in a Time of Unrest by Michael Rosenberg

Few sports fans would argue that we needed yet another book about the “Ten Year War” – the intense rivalry between the University of Michigan and Ohio State football teams and their iconic coaches Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler. The subject has been covered voluminously in books, magazines, newspapers, and videos (I have reviewed a few myself). So I have to credit Michael Rosenberg for coming up with a new angle to approach this classic Read More →

Escape from the Deep by Alex Kershaw

Alex Kershaw has done it again – he has written another fine non-fiction book that reads like a novel. His latest book, Escape from the Deep, tells the story of one of the most famous submarine patrols of World War II – the attack of the U.S.S. Tang in the Formosa Strait in September and October of 1944. The book basically describes the final patrol of the U.S.S. Tang and how its crew dealt with Read More →

In the Mail: Personal Stories edition

–> Our Longest Days: A People’s History of the Second World War by Sandra Koa Wing Description “This was life as it happened and there’s nothing more fascinating than reading history through the words of those who lived it.”-Publishing News This is a powerful, detailed, and warming story of World War II told through the previously unheard voices of those who described the home front for the “Mass Observation” project. Using diaries that have never Read More →