February is hereby declared blog every day month

Let’s face it, this blog hasn’t exactly been lighting it up lately.  What was once an active and engaging lit blog (is that still a term?) is now a place where occasional reviews are posted.  Now, some of you fine people still enjoy the occasional reviews that are posted here. You appreciate the quirky and eclectic taste of the writers.  And thank you for that.

I have apologized and promised to do better but without a great deal of success. So, I have decided to saddle up and ride once more into the battle with a perhaps crazy resolution:  to post something every single day in the month of February.

Let me say that again: I am going to post something every single day this month.  Feel free to  place your wagers of the odds of success in the comments below.

The point of this is not just a lame gimmick to lure in some readers (although if it has that result, all the better) but rather a chance to get back in the habit of blogging regularly.  Blogging, like anything else, is a matter of discipline and habit.  And the fact of the matter is that I have gotten out of that habit to a large degree, and have found it harder and harder to do it and do it well.

Luckily, I have lots of books that I have read but not reviewed and there is no shortage of topics to cover. So this should be the last placeholder type post, I hope, for the month.  If it works, the blog will regain its mojo and go on to greater things. If it fails, then I will have to, as they say, reevaluate my options.

So buckle-up and enjoy the ride.


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Kevin works in communications and public affairs. He tries to squeeze in as much reading (and blogging) as he can between work, family and watching sports.

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