No more changes for six months, I swear …

I, Kevin Jay Holtsberry, do solemnly swear not to mess with the theme on this website for a period of six months under pain of accepted mocking and derision …

UPDATE: OK, I lied, Sue Me. Actually, feel free to mock and deride. But after a little further thought I thin this theme works best for the foreseeable future.

Seriously, I am going to stop messing with things. I am at heart a restless soul and so when bored tend to muck about. But I did want to get to a somewhat minimalistic theme that is readable and easy on the eyes. I also decided to return to more of a blog style as that is really what this is; not a magazine or a Tumblr site, etc.  So, I am really going to do my best not to change anything for a significant period of time.  Here is to less fiddling and more content. Fingers crossed.

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Kevin works in communications and public affairs. He tries to squeeze in as much reading (and blogging) as he can between work, family and watching sports.

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