Good Karma by Christina Kelly

Good Karma is the debut novel by Christina Kelly. It is a charming and quirky novel set near Savannah, Georgia.

First let me say that this is not my type of book. But, it kept me interested due to the excellent writing, including the plot and character development. Even though this is her first book, you can tell that Kelly knows how to write a good story.

Kelly quickens or slows down the plot depending on what is occurring in the story. Revolving the story around Karma – a Boston Terrier – and how its owners (Ralph and Catherine) are trying to adapt to new surroundings in Savannah and their new lives in retirement is a wonderful idea. The climax is not as big of a deal as I expected, but it has a twist that led to more twists.

Kelly captures the everyday feelings of the characters – you can sympathize with one of the protagonists, Fred, as he deals with the loss of his wife. Not only is he dealing with the loss of his wife, he is trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter.


Good Karma Book Cover Good Karma
Christina Kelly
HarperCollins Publishers
June 6, 2017

After almost forty years in New Jersey, Catherine, Ralph, and their beloved Boston Terrier Karma are hitting the road, relocating to a gorgeous, serene island off the coast of Savannah, Georgia, where Catherine can work on her backhand and Ralph can hit the links. But upon their arrival in the Seven Oaks gated community, it becomes apparent that Catherine and Ralph’s visions of retirement couldn’t be more different. While Catherine is intrigued by their quirky neighbors, Ralph’s golf-and-poker routine seems to be interrupted only by his flirtations with their zealous real estate agent.

As the pair drift further apart, Catherine cannot help but sense her marriage is at risk. Then, she meets recent widower Fred at the dog park. United by their dogs, they embark upon a friendship that could be something more—until she discovers that he’s not quite what he seems. As she sorts out fact from fiction and discovers what sorts of secrets might be hiding behind Seven Oaks’ pristine picket fences, she’ll have to make a decision affecting her future happiness and her chance at newfound love.

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