Deep Black by Sean McFate

Sean McFate’s Deep Black follows his initial novel in the Tom Locke Series Shadow War. Deep Black is a fast-paced action novel primarily based in war-torn Iraq.

The non-stop action reminds me of the books I grew up reading – Mack Bolan and the like – but, much better and this book also includes an intellectual bent. The action is more morally based. The lead character, Tom Locke, is developing more of conscience and is not just another mercenary. He and his two comrades use their skills to help more than hurt – sometimes ignoring big payouts of cash.

Speaking of the characters, Tom Locke is a likable heroine who refuses to be sucked into the mercenary-for-hire world he had just left. He is not a typical mercenary – educated, connoisseur of good food, and lover of classical music and opera.

The plot is fast-moving with a few surprising turns. The action spans from Iraq to Turkey to England. The plot also includes a lot of intrigue involving not only the mercenary company that formerly employed Locke, but also a power struggle in Saudi Arabia.

The book is a must-read for those interested in the mercenary wars that Americans are involved in.

Deep Black Book Cover Deep Black
Sean McFate, Bret Witter,
William Morrow
August 8, 2017

Tom Locke must track a missing Saudi prince deep inside ISIS territory in this second military action thriller from the authors of Shadow War.

Disillusioned after a mission in Ukraine goes tragically wrong, military contractor Tom Locke is on the run from Apollo Outcomes, a private military corporation run by the treacherous Brad Winters. While working undercover with his surviving team members on the frontlines of ISIS-infected Iraq, they are approached by a Saudi middleman who offers good money to find the missing son of a high-ranking government official.

What Locke doesn’t know is that the missing young Prince may have been carrying the result of a secret agreement made with the Pakistanis in the 1960s, and that his father may or may not be trying to topple the Saudi government. As he pushes deeper into ISIS territory, Locke must figure out both the on-the-ground battle lines and the larger Deep State war he has stumbled into yet again.

Who is the mysterious Saudi who hired Locke’s team? Is the prince’s disappearance personal or political? And how many sides are being played against each other in a Middle East torn apart by overlapping and contradictory alliances? To complete the mission and keep his men safe, the battle-hardened Locke must use every skill he has to defeat a fanatical enemy on the ground—while a duplicitous adversary much closer to home waits for his chance to strike. . . .

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