A Happy Marriage Across Party Lines

Living together so long has taught us that it is possible to tolerate our opposition on serious issues because we agree on what matters most, which is that the camaraderie we have created in every other sphere is more basic, and far more precious, than ideology. Nobody makes me think and laugh, or comforts me when I cry, the way he does. The things that bring us together are deeper than the things that could have torn us apart; we can finish each other’s sentences on every subject but politics. He loves me for what I am, which includes the ways I am maddeningly different from him.

The wife of one of my favorite authors, Richard Brookhiser, discusses marriage with someone on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

Source: A Happy Marriage Across Party Lines

Jim Harrison on the book that “made you who you are today”

If you had to name one book that made you who you are today, what would it be?

The King James Version of the Bible. Also the works of Dostoyevsky. I read the Bible over and over in my youth, and the Judeo-Christian sensibility focused the world for me, for better or worse. Now, at my advanced age, I wonder how we are taught to believe something, but then we fail to learn how not to believe it. I find that I still believe in the Resurrection, though I improved it somewhat in a poem:

In the forty days in the wilderness Jesus
took along a stray dog from town. When
they got back home Jesus told the dog he
had to go off to Jerusalem to get crucified.
Jesus stored the dog in his tomb and after
he himself was brought there they
ascended into heaven together.

Source: Jim Harrison: By the Book – The New York Times