E-Books, Change and the Reading Experience

When the text is the primary focus (as it is for most of the books I read), I actually prefer my Kindle. It is easier to read for those of us with tired eyes and spouses who don’t want bright lights at night. It is thin and light and ultra-portable. I can read for long periods of time and that is the best way to get lost in a book.

This Is How You Fall by Keith Dixon

Dixon brings a literary sensibility to the story even as he uses these familiar structures and blends in the noir and heist elements. It is the elegance with which he describes the thoughts and emotions of his characters and the way he maps out the charged relationships. The interplay between Jake, his true love Sally and her dangerous sister Kimber is full of the messy, complex and shifting and potentially dangerous emotions of real life.

Like Plastic by K

I picked up this interesting piece of fiction on my Kindle at the recommendation of someone on Facebook. So what is Like Plastic? A story of manners, of offence taken and honour restored. Meet nightclub owner Alexei Shakirov, bored and warped scion of a Russian billionaire and brother to the …