A formatting question

On the off-chance that someone might leave a comment around here once in a while, let me pose this question to the peanut gallery: Do you prefer the podcasts be posted in the traditional format (a la Olen Steinhauer) or in the audio post format (a la Joseph Bottum)?

With the audio format readers on the front page can listen to the audio without having to click. But there is not title to introduce the post.  Any strong opinions on this out there?

Unintended Christmas Vacation Hiatus

Sorry, I didn’t really mean to take an extended vacation from the site.  But preparing for, and then driving to Florida for vacation ended up meaning no posts for well over a week. I didn’t read a lot over the break (to much time on the beach and with family) but I still have plenty of books to review (November as theology month ended with a whimper not a bang).  Hopefully we can enter 2014 strong and build some momentum.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a joyous and safe New Year.