How to Think by Alan Jacobs

But here’s the thing.  If you are a literate and humane person, you soon begin to enjoy Jacobs admittedly oblique, discursive and conversational approach.  You give up the need for a overly simplified 12-step program with handy lists and catchy acronyms. You appreciate the engaging conversation with a smart friend at a comfortable coffee shop instead of the lecture slash TV special.

Chesterton's Orthodoxy as the Antidote to Modernity

“Chesterton’s Orthodoxy, then, differs from Lewis’ Mere Christianity precisely in its attempt to ground Christianity not in the propositions of natural law, but in the elemental human and artistic experiences that we begin to neglect as we grow old. It is an attempt, dare I say, to defend and engender a faith that exudes wonder and astonishment at the mystery of reality.”

The Narnia Code by Michael Ward

In the end, I think The Narnia Code is a well intentioned attempt to take a detailed academic literary thesis and bring it down to a popular level. For a variety of reasons I am not sure I am best able to judge its success. But it is an interesting subject and will be of great interest to Lewis and Narnia fans.