a street in Lausanne, Switzerland

The Traitor’s Story by Kevin Wignall

An intelligent espionage thriller that explores the complex nature of loyalty, patriotism and love amongst other things. Although, it is not really a typical thriller until the later part of the book. But at the heart of the story is the challenge and impact of secrets which grows out of espionage and an attempt to escape from it.

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A Death in Sweden by Kevin Wignall

A Death in Sweden is a quick and entertaining read. With a nice blend of tension, mystery, action and, yes, a little romance. It isn't really an action thriller and not your typical spy thriller either. It felt to me more like a mystery with espionage and action elements.

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Alchemy (Mercian Trilogy, #2) by K.J. Wignall

I read the first book in this trilogy, Blood, a couple of years ago and had mixed feelings.  Being a little OCD about series (particularly from authors I enjoy) I decided I should read the second book as well.  Alchemy, picks up basically where Blood left off: In the thirteenth century, William, heir to the Earl of Mercia, was attacked and turned into a vampire. For 750 years, Will has spent his life in the shadows. Until he met Eloise. Together, Will and Eloise must destroy an ancient evil...

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